easyMFL is a comprehensive and up-to-date course for primary schools teaching French.

Why choose easyMFL for the delivery of modern languages in your primary school?

  • easyMFL is a complete course - that means no lesson planning, finding resources, audio files or assessments! Everything is done for you!


  • easyMFL has been written specifically for the 2014 National Curriculum. No more using outdated schemes of work!


  • easyMFL comes with detailed progress levels to make assessing student progress both straightforward and easy to monitor.


  • easyMFL does away with expensive, annual licences.  Once you buy the course, you have lifelong access to all of the materials.  Don't waste your limited resources paying for the same thing every year!


  • easyMFL has been written by a real, working languages teacher who has over a decade of experience of teaching both secondary and primary school pupils.  All of the resources here have been tried and tested!


  • easyMFL uses phonics to teach common sounds in French. This is immediately familiar to primary school pupils.


  • easyMFL teaches key language skills such as dictionary skills and basic grammar.


  • easyMFL is excellent value for money.  Additionally, if you buy the whole course you will get a 25% discount!



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If you would like any extra information, please get in touch - sales@easymfl.com


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